Authentic voice Campaign

Tom Giles
Michael Felger
Trenni Kusnierek
Michael Holley

This portion of the authentic voice campaign was slowly rolled out over 6 months. Some of the videos were extremely topical making them more eye-catching to the fans, but giving them a shorter shelf life, while others remained on-air for over a year.

Project Info
NBC Sports Boston
Create a series of spots to kick off a year long campaign to promote each on-air talent as an 'Authentic Voice'.
Creative Manager

Our marketing team wanted to focus on the voices of NBC Sports Boston (the on-air talent), as ‘authentic’ to show the serious fans that exist within Boston sports that we understand them. This also allowed our marketing team to connect to the Authentic Fan branding that NBC Sports had created for all of the regional networks.

Authentic Fan Sample

These spots were the first step in a year long campaign with multiple levels. We were able to kickoff the campaign without any budget by designing these unique spots. The creative team I managed worked together to find audio clips that conveyed our message and created primarily typography based spots with previously taken still images of the talent. When needed we also brainstormed ideas and created our own imagery to emphasize key lines.

Once we had a budget put aside for the next step of the campaign, we set up shoots with each of the featured on-air talents on a set that matched their area of focus, while subtly promoting our brand and creating a consistent look throughout the series.