Celtics Media Day Set

Final Product

This set not only met, but surpassed the goals for this project. It created a unique, clean look for both video and still images used to create content for social media, on-air, and marketing elements. The blue tint of the mirror worked as a form of blue screen to chroma key graphics behind the players in a new way. The simplicity of the primary set allowed us to keep the budget low, and use the additional space to create a second blue screen set for additional generic player footage and imagery. Due to the pandemic in 2020, the footage and images from this shoot are still in use today.

Project Info
NBC Sports Boston
Create a unique set, using a reasonable budget, that would allow for a variety of imagery that could be easily repurposed throughout the 2019-2020 Celtics season.
Production design, Set design research/prep, Media Day project manager

When our creative team met to pitch and discuss our ideas for the 2019-2020 Celtics media day set, I had saved Instagram screenshots from a shoot that I discovered after Celtics media day the previous year. This is the most important event of the year for the creative services department at NBC Sports Boston because it is typically the only individual time we have with the full Celtics team until playoffs.

The team brought a full selection of creative ideas, but we decided as a group that the tinted mirrors that I suggested would be the best option to achieve our intended goal for our primary set. After this we began researching how we would use this design. We started by creating a mock set using handheld mirrors and a bobble head doll and film samples to help decide the tint color and best products to use.


Set Design with Tinted mirrors was inspired by A promotional photo shoot by Emilio Madrid for Broadway’s The Cher Show

The production crew and I began building the set on location at High Output the day before the shoot in order to make sure everything was ready to go morning of Celtics Media Day. We made sure the mirrors were the proper size and securely mounted before applying the blue tinted polyester film. This was quite the process, but the mirrors were properly angled and ready to shoot by our intended start time the next day.