Guide to Watching Felger & Mazz Campaign

More Spots from the Campaign

The footage that was available to me looked like the social post of the live show, with a lower third blocking some of the shot. This lower third animated on at the beginning of each segment, so there was a brief period of time that the screen was clean. I was able to use a  still portion of the clean shot to block the lower third without interfering with the live shot. This allowed us to make an ongoing series of new spots without needing to set up an additional four hour record daily.

Project Info
Comcast SportsNet
Use the footage we had to create a series of spots promoting Felger & Mazz.
Designer, Editor

Felger & Mazz is a radio simulcast that aired four hours a day, five days a week. Because of the extensive storage that would be needed for clean records of full episodes, our creative team was rarely able to get clean records of the show. Instead we had to find a way to work with what we had in order to promote the show.

The ‘Guide to Watching Felger & Mazz’ series allowed us to overlay still images and graphics along with with multiple wide angle shots that was stored after they were aired. In order to do this, I needed to get creative with the editing to remove on-air graphics and make the shots look like clean records.

Live Show Sample