Sponsored Features

Tailgate Talk

I was the creative manager for the Tailgate Talk feature, sponsored bye Nissan. Because this was designed as a template, this feature was able to easily highlight four different vehicles over a 6 month period.

Power Move

I was also the creative manager for the Power Move feature sponsored by Ram. The graphic designer I managed was instructed to create an animated template that could easily be adjusted if the client wanted to swap out images or change the featured vehicle.


Our ability to design these sponsored features allowed our sales team to successfully sell sponsorship to large businesses who were very happy with the marketing it provided them and continued to purchase sponsorship on our channel.

Project Info
NBC Sports Boston
Create sponsored features that fill the requests of the Sales team and the Production team.
Creative Manager, Designer

When the sales team sells a package to a sponsor, a description of what was sold would come to me as the creative manager. I then would determine how to complete all of the requests so that the sponsor was happy with the product, and the production team was able to use it easily within the show. I would then assign the designer, describe the project to them, and provide them with any branded elements that the sponsor provided.

These projects were designed to highlight the sponsor as a lead in to a featured segment for use both on-air and on social media. These were all designed in a template style to allow adjustments to be made by the producer of the show, or quickly by our design team if the sponsor wanted to change what was being highlighted.

PFW Features

I was the graphic designer for the sponsored features, High-Flyer and Read & React, on Patriots Football Weekly. High-Flyer was created as a Chyron template so that the content could be adjusted each week by the producer of the show.