On-Air Set Design

On-Site Sets

When shows are done on-site, the production team uses the same pop-up desk that comfortably allows for up to 5 on-air talent. I designed the desk wraps  to quickly and easily be applied in order to professionally display a clean set for the network both on-air and on-site. I also designed pop-up banners for shows that were frequently shot on-site in order to not only represent the network, but also the particular show that was being shot.

Studio Set Monitor Designs

Pregame Live

Celtics Pre, Post and Halftime Live were some of the few shows that we were able to use team logos in because of our partnership with the Celtics.

Postgame Live

This was shot on the same set as the Celtics shows, but the graphics were designed to emit a Bruins feel, without using any team logos.

Quick Slants

Quick Slants would often jump from set to set, so I designed a look that could be adjusted for whatever monitors used. The main set had a very busy design, with shelves of knick-knacks everywhere, which is another reason why the monitor design is very simple.



This set was three separate monitors that I designed with a subtle animation that cleanly looped between each of the monitors. We also created Chyron templates that could be swapped in to the monitors to highlight the story that was being discussed.

Project Info
NBC Sports Boston
Create sets that are unique to each show and engaging to the viewer, using the same location and/or materials
Creative manager, Designer

Shooting over 20 different shows within 2 studios and one newsroom requires a creative touch to give each show it’s own unique ‘personality’. All of the designed monitor graphic backgrounds had a subtle looping animation of some sort to bring some life to the monitors.

As a sports network, one of the biggest challenges were the restrictions we often had. We were occasionally allowed to use team logos and imagery depending on the type of show and the league(s) that were referenced, but oftentimes we would need to find alternative ways to represent the teams we would be discussing.


The Felger & Mazz show was a radio simulcast that we did with 98.5 The Sports Hub. As a result, we had restrictions on the amount of control we had over the set design, but we were able to make multiple monitor templates to match the show’s graphics package that our team could control remotely.


The NBC Sports Boston viewership increased each year and these set designs were used, on average, for 3 years before refreshing the graphics package for the show. We were able to successfully make each of these sets as customizable as possible for the Production teams.