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Top Gun Parody

The Top Gun 2 trailer release was highly anticipated. As soon as it was released, I began editing the full length version down to 1 minute in order for it to play smoothly on Instagram. While I did that, the design team that I managed found images for each of the shots to turn our trailer into parody highlighting Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Other Samples
Project Info
NBC Sports Boston
Step outside our typical social media templates and create fun content that would spice up our accounts and engage our followers.
Creative manager, Video editor, Project manager

In order to frequently post content to social media, our digital team often uses templates that were created to easily swap in content and post with a look that is consistent with our brand. Although this allows the team to quickly distribute imagery and information through our social media channels, after a while it can get stale. The intent of this content was a freshen up our feed by creating fun, unique posts that would engage the fans and promote our brand.

After our brainstorm, the creative team I managed put together some unusual content to catch the eye of our followers. For the majority of these projects I was primarily the Creative Manager, overseeing the design and editing process for my team, but I’m also not afraid to jump in and get my hands dirty and design or edit when needed, like with the Top Gun Parody.


On average, NBC Sports Boston Instagram posts receive ~800 likes. As you can see, each of these samples far exceeded this average, showing that our fans were engaged by the content. The number of views for the videos averaged ~6,000, so although followers may not have taken the time to click the like button, these posts undoubtedly caught their eye!