Ticket Scavenger Hunt


Revolution fans are very passionate about their team. Although not every Comcast SportsNet viewer is a Revolution fan, all Revolution fans watch Comcast SportsNet in order to view the games and were excited about this unique promotion.

Project Info
Comcast SportsNet
Design spots to create interest and push fans to participate in a promotion on our Twitter account.
Designer, Editor

Our social media team created a fun promotion to catch the attention of Revolution fans. They hid Revolution tickets around Boston and sent fans on a scavenger hunt through clues posted on social media in order to find them.

I put together these unique commercial spots promoting the ticket giveaway. The intent was to build curiosity, which would then drive people to the website and Twitter account to learn more. Most commercials are full of music and voice overs, so 30 seconds of only subtle ambient noise and audio from a soccer game goal will stand out among the rest, even if the viewer isn’t looking at the TV.